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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's official.

My Mom has just had her phone privileges revoked.

As some of you may recall, my mother has been diagnosed with dementia. She is living in an assisted living facility that specializes in the care of patients diagnosed with this disease. She has been living here for about a year.

One of the drawbacks of my mother's stay, was her incessant telephone calling of all her children. Morning, noon, night, weekends, all of us would receive calls, hundreds of them, since she could not remember that she had already called us. Our answering machines and cell phones quickly filled to capacity with calls from our mother. Every day several times a day, we would need to delete hundreds of messages. We siblings had to do some shifting of our available phone numbers, finally giving her only our cell numbers so that we could manage "the constant calling" and deleting.

At first, it was difficult to handle, the ringing (oh, the ringing) but after a while, we all got used to the constant flurry of calls and would try our best to ease our mother's anxiety and let her know we would be coming to visit her soon. And just when you thought you had eased her suffering...


She would call again, forgetting the conversation she just had with us just 5 minutes ago.

So after all of that, after all our hard work, our patience and tolerance for ringing, my mother's phone has been abruptly removed by the assisted living facility.

Why, you may ask?

Well, I guess, she finally figured out how to call 911.

Yep, fire trucks blaring, police lights flashing as emergency vehicles roared up to the assisted living facility. Only to discover, a tiny sweet, little old lady, who forgot she had called them.

Pretty bad huh? Well guess what?

She did it again.

Once again, the cavalry to the rescue. And once again a tiny sweet little old lady wondering why they were there.

She did it four times!

Well that did it for the facility. Her phone privileges were revoked.

I am sure they were charged for an unnecessary emergency call.

I am sure will we see the charge on our next bill.

So without further ado, the telephone has been removed from my mother's room.

I must admit, it is very strange not hearing a telephone ring and ring and ring.

I must admit, the quiet is deafening and makes me miss my mother.

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Laurie said...

that last line is so poignant. It makes me feel as if I miss my own mother, and she's still right here. What a lovely story.

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