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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Brewing Storm

I have lived in New England for most of my life. We northerners are used to storms, from thunderstorms to Nor'easter....we've seen 'em all and have learned to take them all in stride. But there is one type of storm that never fails to grab our attention...and that is...a hurricane.

Usually, we miss these types of storms. The cold ocean water tends to slow them down and our low fronts tend to push them out to sea. But the few big storms that have hit the New England area, are very memorable for those of us old enough to have experienced them. It is something you do not ever forget.

We live in Massachusetts, north of Boston, and about a 20 minute drive from the ocean. Current predictions for Hurricane Irene place us directly in the storm's path. We are all watching the weather forecasts carefully as we consider starting to prepare for the oncoming tempest.

The last significant hurricane to hit us directly was Hurricane Bob in 1991, a category 2 storm.

In 1954, New England was hit by two storms Carol (category 2) and Edna (category 1)

Lastly, in 1938, before they even named Hurricanes, there was The Great Hurricane of 1938, a category 3. It is this storm that they are using to compare to Irene.

I am not a "sky is falling kind of gal" and am hopeful that this storm will also push  out to sea like many before her have done. We are however, taking precautions and starting to prepare for the upcoming event.

I am trying to calmly prepare both of my sons for what to expect during the storm since neither of them has experienced this kind of weather.

What I remember most about Hurricane Bob was the continual howling sound of the gusty winds, the sound of trees bending and breaking and the actual shaking of our home. There is pretty much a solid guarantee that we will lose power, many low lying streets will be significantly under water and there will be a large number of fallen trees, leaves and branches. We have many large pine trees in this area, their shallow root systems make them very susceptible to damage during these types of storms.

But I am also trying to keep my kids calm and relieve their fears about the weather by explaining how it can be fun to spend family time playing games and hunkering down together.

My Mom is currently living in an assisted living facility that sits very close to the banks of a fast moving river. Although last year they were all completely safe and dry even after receiving almost 10 inches of rain. 

We are keeping our fingers crossed and our eyes on the skies.
Will keep you all posted.


Heather said...

My best to you and your family. I'll be sending good thoughts in the hopes that all will come through this unharmed.

Lisa said...

Thanks Heather...we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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