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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Painter from Hell

Our house had started to peel. So, last summer we hired a painter to scrape, prime and paint our house.

For many years, my parents hired the same man to paint their house. Every time their house needed to be painted, they'd call him. He was pleasant, kind, reliable and always did a fine job. If there was something wrong. He'd fix it, no questions asked. They developed a long and mutual friendship.

It was in honor of this good relationship, that I turned to this same painter when it was time to paint my own home. I was sad to learn the news that this man had died tragically in a home fire. His son, however, had taken over the business and it was to him that I turned. I expected that I would receive the same level of kindness, honesty and good faith that we had received for so many years from his father.

Unfortunately, this was not the case and instead of hiring a painter like this...

We hired someone more like this....

This man painted our house last August, within 4 months it was pealing. When I called him in the spring, he came to the home and agreed it needed to be reworked. He never showed up. I called again in the fall. He said he would get to it.

Many weeks later a solitary painter shows up at my home unannounced. He does not have any ladders that will reach the higher floors. He has been given the wrong primer. He does not have any other paint and is not able to contact the owner since he has not been given a cell phone. So the worker uses yellow primer on my brown house.

The next weekend (since he came only on Saturdays) the worker has now been given the wrong paint (yellow again) and after using our cell phone must wait for the owner to show up with the correct color. He tries to cover the yellow primer paint with the new brown paint. Of course it does not work and my house now has brown and yellow stripes.

I now have a house that is peeling and is 2 different colors. When I approached the owner to discuss the problems, he does not want to hear it and packs up his ladders and walks away.

I called him several days latter to tell him we would be taking him to court. He became furious and has called me several times to threaten that he will call DSS claiming my children were playing under his ladders and I am an unfit mother.

Hmmmmmmmm. I told him that after a parent evaluation by DSS, I would most likely be given a medal.....and to please go ahead and call them.

But now I am a little worried about this man's sanity. Do I....

1) Not let him bully me and continue the process to recover some of the money we paid. It was alot!
2) Walk away from this very unstable individual.

What do you think?


The Henrys said...

OMGOSH!! I am speechless.....
If he went so far as to threaten you with calling DSS, I wonder just how much farther he would go...and I wouldn't want to find out. You are in a very hard spot, but I think I would let the money go and keep him out of my family's life. Good luck with making this choice and let us know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

This is a terrible situation. I think it might be safer to forget this person and cut your losses. He obviously doesn't have any business integrity or ethics! He also sounds vindictive. I have had bad contractor experiences as well. I know it is very disappointing and stressful. I try to think about it this way, the money I wasted is payment to get rid of them.

Good Luck!

Miz Kizzle said...

Record all phone conversations with him. If he threatens you, report him to the police. Give him a deadline to finish the job to your satisfaction. I hope you have a written contract specifying exactly what was to have been done. If you're still not satisfied sue him.

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