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Friday, September 16, 2011

Roses for Betty

It is an image that many will never forget.

A lasting impression of the ten year anniversary ceremony to honor all those who lost their lives on September 11.

Strangely, it is also another connection to our small town.

The two pink roses were the first to be placed into the inscribed name of Betty Ong by her brother Harry.

Betty was the level-headed flight attendant who relayed important information about the hijacking to her company by using the in-flight phone. Betty was also a resident of Massachusetts. She lived in a nearby town in an apartment with her fiance.

Christine Litch, was a friend and co-worker of Betty's. She lives in our town. Before the ceremony, she contacted a local florist (after hours) and ordered pink pin roses for the important ceremony. The florist not only guaranteed that the roses would be ready by morning, but donated them at no cost for the special memorial.

It is two of these roses that Harry places into the inscribed name of Betty Ong. Pink roses held a special significance to Betty as she often donated the roses used during the first class service to others.

The 'roses' image is but another powerful reminder that a terrorist attack is not an attack on a country, but an attack on humanity.


Also, FYI, the Discovery Channel is featuring an incredible series of uplifting short films produced by Steven Spielberg called "Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero".

It is a series of one-hour long films. They discuss the motivation for the design and build of the new One World Trade Center. In the films, several iron workers and construction individuals are profiled...all of who are from New York City.  Many of these brave individuals had fathers who worked on the building of the original twin towers. All of the individuals working on this project have inspiring stories to tell. They explain the pride they all posses knowing that they are helping to heal the world. It is a truly enjoyable series to watch.

After being bombarded with so many sad specials about 9/11, for me it is finally refreshing to see films that contain powerful and uplifting messages. The films also provide much insight into the in-depth thought process that went into to the design of this beautiful complex.

I guarantee you will enjoy the films.
For information on the Discovery Channels: Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, click here.

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The Henrys said...

Thanks for reminding me about the rebuilding series. I caught a few minutes of it and wished I had more time to watch. I'll try to On Demand them soon!
The memorial looks beautiful. I'm so glad Betty's brother was able to place the pink roses there for her, and that all of the other family memebers have such a beautiful place to pay tribute to their family members.

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