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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Old Age Meets Space Age

Ok, so I don't know what I did...but lately I am getting bombarded with ads in my email inbox.

You know, the usual stuff like: weight loss products, home security systems and schools that allow you to get your degree from home.

Today, however,  I received an ad for this!


Now, I must admit, I may not be a spring chicken any more, but I am certainly not ready to lay a patch in a nursing home hallway in one of these just yet!

In fact, I hope by the time I am ready to motor down hallways popping a few wheelies, design engineers will do a better job of creating products for the elderly that are more....well..... cool.

Honestly, I do not think I would mind getting old if I could travel around in one of these.

or perhaps one of these....
As most adults my age, I grew up unknowingly addicted to television, and seduced by the clever imaginations of folks like Hanna and Barbera and Walt Disney, I thought for sure by the 21st century, we would all be working for Spacely Sprockets and driving to work in one of these.....

In fact when it comes to designing products for the elderly, imagination has taken a back seat to functionality and durability. I suppose from a practical standpoint this makes sense. But, to me, imagination, is everything. I wonder....if there were more products that embraced the philosophy that getting old should be fun......perhaps we would have a much healthier and happier elderly population.

If I were Bill Gates, I would hire William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (are they still alive?) and build an entire elderly community based upon "Jetson" technology.

I would feel much happier about getting old if I knew I would be spending my time here.

Doing things like this....

or this....

I might even be tempted to live in a place like this.
How about a Magic Kingdom as an Assisted Living Facility?
Ah, if only design engineers thought more like cartoonists.

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The Henrys said...

I loved the Jetsons when I was little!! I truly believed that our future would be just like it! However, The Magic Kingdom as an Assisted Living Facility would be the best ever!!!

Great post Lisa!

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