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Monday, April 22, 2013

Dr. O and Inclusion

I would like to introduce you to Dr. O. This is the principal of Nick's new school. He is a kind and gentle man. But what sets this man apart from others, at least to me, is his ability to understand the meaning of the word "inclusion".

I believe whole-heartedly in leadership. I believe that those who guide us must understand the important responsibility they have of modeling behavior that exemplifies the spirit of human decency and respect for others.

My son, Nicholas is in a substantially separate classroom at his school, not because he is different but because he learns best in this type of environment. Unfortunately, this separateness can sometimes manifest, as a feeling by other students, that he is different. It creates an opportunity for others to exclude him, to forget that he is also a fifth grader, like any other.

Dr. O does not forget.

This is the opening ceremnoy of the newly constructed gym. All of the students were very excited to see it. Dr O was determined that Nicholas and his best friend, Alex would be included in this celebration.

Below, is a photo of Nicholas and his best buddy, Alex. You may remember from an earlier post, that they also spent time together in Dr O's office for swearing....and to tell you the truth, I do not know what made me happier, the time they spent with others in the gym, or the time they spent like any other child, being reprimanded by the principal.

Either way, they were not treated any differently.
Thank you Dr. O. for showing this school, what inclusion looks like.

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Mary said...

Trying to catch up here a little bit. Lovely post, and I so know what you mean about not sure which thing made you happier - being in the gym or getting reprimanded. It reminded me of when Oscar was little and once cried so loud that it annoyed people around us. I was SO proud.

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