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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mummy the Brave

OK, so as most of you know, I have spent the last 14 years accompanying both of my children to doctor's appointments and hospital visits.

I do not want to alarm y'all but tomorrow it is my turn.

I will be having day surgery performed, nothing serious. I will spare you all the gory details but let's just say, it has to do with female plumbing. I will be put to sleep. I am a little nervous since I haven't been "put under" since I was 12-years-old.

Yesterday, I explained to Weston and Nicholas what my hospital experience would look like. I told them when we would be arrive at the hospital and how Mom would need to have an IV put in her arm just like Nicholas. I told them I would be in the operating room for about an hour and that Dad would take them both to the cafeteria for ice cream.

Now, my son Nicholas knows this procedure like the back of his hand. He has had more surgeries and procedures in his 11 years of life than most people have in a lifetime.

"Oh, Mummy," he said, "I am so sad for you."

"Don't be sad," I told my sensitive son, "This time it is your turn to help Mummy, just like I help you when you are in the hospital."

Now, as most of you know, children diagnosed with PWS can be obsessive/compulsive about certain issues. For Nicholas, it is all about the underwear. He does not like having it removed during doctor visits or hospital procedures. In fact, to avoid this issue, we leave his underwear on before all procedures and ask the nurse to remove them when he is sufficiently put to sleep.

So, perhaps I should not have been surprised when I heard him say....

"Mummy! Are they going to take your underwear off?"

"Yes, Nicholas," I said trying not to laugh, "They will need to take off everything and I will need to wear a hospital gown."

"Oh Mummy, he said, "You are so brave!"

Yes, my loving child is not concerned about the operation or how competent the doctor is.....he is more worried about what poor Mummy is going to do without her undergarments! To my son, Nicholas, I am the bravest woman in the world. In fact he ran upstairs immediately to tell his father that Mummy is going to be so brave tomorrow.

"I know," Pete said, "Mummy is going to have an operation."

"No, Nicholas exclaimed, "She is going to take off her underwear!"

Poor Pete tried very hard not to laugh.

Of course, I had to communicate all of these interesting details to Nick's teacher today at school. I was very concerned that my worried little man might explain to his fellow students...

"Tomorrow my Mummy is not going to be wearing any underwear!"

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