Our Journey Raising Two Children with Special Needs

This blog chronicles our life raising two children, Nicholas 14, diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome and Weston 17, diagnosed with Autism/Asperger's/ADHD. It's the ups, the downs, the joys, the sorrows and most importantly, the beauty of living a life less perfect, a life more meaningful.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Swear Word Sherrif Loses his Resolve

Weston is now in high school.

This major transition has initiated some major changes in my young son. One of them unfortunately, is his vocabulary. Swearing has become the latest trend at this new institution of higher learning. The "F word" is the particular favorite.

If you are a long time reader of our blog, you may remember that Weston once had a very strong aversion to the use of profanity. So much so, that Pete and I were forced to clean up our language or suffer the dire consequences of Weston's willful wrath. His desire to transform our bad language inspired me to write this post.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I picked up Weston from school one day and heard our once die-hard sheriff utter this particular phrase....

"Aw Mom, I fucking hate my Math class! It sucks"

'What did you say?" I asked, shocked to hear his once squeaky clean language now tainted with a few choice words.

"What?" he answered. "Why can't I hate Math?" he answered completely oblivious to his use of any obscenity.

"It's not that," I said, "I have just never heard you swear."

"Oh, sorry Mom," he said sincerely, "I can't help it, all the kids in high school are swearing now."

"I know they are. I was hoping you would have a little more will power, especially since you used to hate it."

"I did hate it. But now, I can't help it. When you hear it all the time, it's catchy. I'll try harder Mom." he said.

"You're right Weston it is catchy," I said.

I did not realize just how right he was...until we were at the dinner table.

"So Nicholas, how was school today?" Pete asked our mild mannered boy.

"It was good Daddy," he answered.

"What did you have today, music, gym or library?"

"Awwww Dad," he answered with a sigh.

The sweet loving Nicholas placed his head in his hands and said:

"I had fucking art!"