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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Fond Farewell to Dora?

It is no secret that my son Nicholas loves Dora the Explorer.

I do not know what it is that attracts my son to this little dark-haired beauty and consummate adventurer but I suspect it has something to do with her big heart and bottomless backpack.

But unfortunately it has been a troubling obsession for Nick since so many individuals remind him so often about how Dora the Explorer is a show designed for girls.

Nicholas however, has been unabashed by this scorn. He refuses to succumb to any peer, parental or adult pressure. In fact, he has made a firm believer out of many a poor soul who may have been previously troubled by societal manipulation and the humiliation associated with nonconformity.

Nick just didn't care.

He is true to his own heart.

But this year, he and Alex, his favorite school mate, have ventured into the new and exciting world of heavy equipment and mighty monster machines. You may recall his attraction to colorful Coke trucks.

and lighted Hess trucks.

Yes, this year it is all about the trucks.

Unfortunately for Dora, her familiarity with heavy equipment is somewhat poor, in fact it is probably non existent. Alas, as a result, Dora's long time allure is finally beginning to wane.

Nick just isn't feelin' it.

Enter the genius of the cartoon creators over at Nick Jr. and suddenly Nicholas has a new obsession. And this one my dear friends, just happens to be all about boys.....not that it matters to Nicholas.

Welcome to Paw Patrol.
It is as if these cartoon creators teamed up with those clever toy manufacturers and designed the perfect kid's show by using data they magically extracted from the inner most recesses of my young son's brain.
Paw Patrol is group of six puppy rescuers, Chase, a police dog, Marshall, a fire dog, Rocky, a recycler, Zuma, a water rescuer, Rubble, a construction dog and Skye, an aviator. They are led by a 10 year-old technically savvy boy named Ryder, who happens to ride a 4-wheeler. Each rescue pup wears a backpack and drives their corresponding (and very cool) vehicle.
Let's see puppies, backpacks and rescue vehicles......it is no wonder Nick can hardly breathe!
I am certain that merchandising played a huge role in the potential recuperative revenue of this genius programming. I will guarantee that Pete and I will become two of those poor parental saps who will willingly contribute to the excessive wealth of these creators. I predict we will spend a small fortune in videos, vehicles, backpacks and stuffed animals.
In fact, it has started already.
Nicholas asked me if he had a good day at school if we could buy a Paw Patrol video. Of course since this is a new show, no such thing exists just yet. The only available merchandise to date is cake decoration stencils and printed t-shirts. Nicholas asked me for the t-shirt.
We agreed that if he went an entire week with no poor behaviors at school, he could get the shirt.
It was his best week ever!
He waited patiently for the shirt to arrive. Every afternoon when we checked the mail, he would ask,
"Did it come, did it come yet Mom?"
And every day, I would say
"No, not yet,"
Wouldn't you know, the recent unusual weather woes across country have contributed to the delay in the delivery of this highly coveted treasure.
Finally, last Friday it arrived.
Nicholas was ecstatic but refused to wear his prized Paw Patrol purchase until he had school on Monday. Instead, he slept with the shirt on his pillow. He waited anxiously for school to start and his opportunity to share his new "boy" obsession with all his sixth grade friends.
It was a huge hit.
(was -1 this morning so he had to wear a jacket too)
Can you guess which pup is his favorite?
  Move over Dora, there's some new rescuers in town.
She sure had a good run
I do believe the ever faithful Nicholas will always hold a special place in his heart for Dora.

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