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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Every Team has a Journey

When Tom Brady stepped up to the podium to speak to the media after a spectacular Super Bowl Sunday performance, he said,

"...every team has a journey and a lot of people lost faith in us early, but we held strong, we held together, and it's a great feeling."

For the long time readers of my blog, you may remember my affection for this consistent and underrated quarterback. You may remember that I questioned why it was so difficult for others to "see" him. You may remember how much I admire his integrity, his good sportsmanship, his devotion to his teammates.

If not, click here, to read my post comparing Tom's invisibility and understated greatness to what it feels like to be a parent of a child diagnosed with special needs.

I am a Bostonian, so by default, an avid sports fan. I am a faithful follower of the Sox, the Celtics, the Bruins and of course, the New England Patriots. So when Malcolm Butler boldly intercepted the almost certain touchdown pass to steal Super Bowl victory and win the game for the Patriots, you can believe I jumped for joy, just like Tom.

In fact, once again I can relate to exactly how he feels.

And NOT because he added to his already impressive stats and earned:

Most completions thrown in a Super Bowl (37)
Most halftime completions in a Super Bowl (20)
Most career touchdown passes (13)
His 4th Super Bowl win
His 3rd Super Bowl MVP award

And NOT because he threw 37 completions, with 50 pass attempts, earned 328 passing yards and made 4 touchdowns


What allowed Tom Brady to finally be "seen"...to achieve official public confirmation of his steadfast and superstar status was not by an effort he made himself but instead by the bold and brilliant effort of a little known team mate named Malcolm Butler. This humble and undrafted player came seemingly out of nowhere to intercept the final pass and win the most important game of Tom Brady's career.

Malcolm described that he had a vision of making a game-changing play.

What made Tom Brady finally achieve recognition,  his visibility, if you will, was not of his own efforts but the efforts of his team, the many humble and remarkable men, seemingly sent from above to offer divine-like assistance.

It seems ironic to me that many times  I describe my life as a "journey" where we are accompanied by many brave and humble souls sent from above to guide and support us. So perhaps I shouldn't be surprised to hear Tom say,

"It's been a long journey. It's just great to win."

Congratulations to Tom Brady and the entire New England Patriots team,
2015 Super Bowl Champs
You will always be champions to me

Once again I would like to dedicate this post to my father, who was without a doubt, one of the Patriots truest and most faithful fans who never got to see such a victory.

Another win for you Dad!

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